173d Airborne Brigade Association Foundation

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CFC Promotion 

Federal employees give back to charities. Over the last five decades, Federal employees have donated more than $7 billion dollars to non-profit organizations such as the 173d Airborne Brigade Association Foundation. 

To attract donations from across the United States and Europe, we plan to :

 1) Prominently display our CFC code #86676 in all of our CFC engagements, which include CFC kick-off events, fairs, and speaking engagements (if any). 

2) Use the Foundation promotional materials (e.g. tri-folds and flyers) to acquaint Federal employees with our cause, our impact, and our needs. 

3) Take advantage of social media to share information and campaign promotions within your family, friends and professional circles 

4) Position banners and posters in high traffic-areas at CFC events and fairs 

5) Run contests and giveaways with the association and Foundation logos at CFC major events and fairs.

Address: 1208 Iowa Street, South Houston, TX 77587

Phone: +1 (713) 941-8118

Email: President@theherdfoundation.com 

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